What Are the Right Gifts for New Dads?

When it comes to buying gifts it’s not only the mother that we have to think about, but the father as well. If you would like to get some gifts for new dads first of all you should think about the usefulness of the item that you have in mind and also don’t forget about the quality and safety.

Travel crib as one of the new dads’ gifts

The best thing about this crib is that it can be folded and placed into a suitcase. It is just perfect for the couples who have to travel with the baby, or that would like to move the crib around the house. Also you may know that men usually like to set up items of this kind.

Gifts for New DadsSwing

Since men like technology, this is something to be kept in mind when looking for new dads’ gifts. There is a swing that would blow most fathers’ minds. This has been created to mimic your own motions, not to mention that it also comes with a sound system, so it can soothe the baby to fall asleep.

Video recorder as new dads’ gifts

We all like to see our favorite shows from time to time, and this is something to consider when thinking about gifts for new dads. Sometimes watching TV is out of the question, but in case he has a recorder, he will be able to watch that big game when the baby is out of the house.

Survival kit

When thinking about this one of the new dads’ gifts you shouldn’t be imagining something dangerous. In fact it is a regular diaper bag with a slightly different look so that it becomes more suitable for men. This comes with space for everything that the father may need, including pockets for diapers and bottles.


The majority of fathers like to stay active and this is why they might like this one of the gifts for new dads. The good thing about it is that it can track mileage, time and even the weather conditions. It is using the wireless technology so you could attach it to just any stroller and the father is good to go.


Information is power, right? This is also true in case of the new dads’ gifts and so you should offer something that will offer the father enough information about pregnancy and childbirth for him to survive it. In fact it is important for him to know the process that women are going to and to know what to expect.

Going personal

In case you would like to offer gifts for new dads that the father can use on any occasion, you could offer a T-shirt with a funny message, such as ‘I am a father’ or ‘Keep your hands off my daughter’. Naturally for this you should have a relatively close relationship with him so that he won’t get upset.

Travel mug

Some fathers have to travel a lot for their work, and so you should think about new dads’ gifts that can be used when traveling. A travel mug may be a good idea, and it is even better if you add a message to it as well, something about being a father or a new father. For sure he will appreciate it.


There is nothing better than taking pictures of the family, and so you should get some gifts for new dads that allow the father to immortalize the most important moments. Make sure that you get something of high quality.

In case of the gifts for new dads you just have to be creative.


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