Going Green During Your Pregnancy

Doing things in an environmentally responsible way and having a green way of life may always make sense but it may make particular sense during pregnancy. Here are some tips to go green during your pregnancy:

Eat Green

We don’t just mean eating lots of green leafy veggies and fresh fruit, also eat things that have been organically grown so that harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other growth enhancing aids used for produce is not being consumed by you and your baby.

Eschew the processed foods in favor of the fresh. Eat in a way that creates minimum waste in terms of production as well as packaging.

Green Hygiene

A lot of chemicals and artificial additive are present in the personal care products that you use. Some can be hormone disruptors, and some can cross the placental barrier over to the fetus. It isn’t just personal care and hygiene products but also household cleaning products you should look at carefully.

Hand me downs

The more perused things you use the better it is for the environment because you are, in effect recycling here. Rather than buy brand new everything, it makes a lot of financial sense to use hand me downs. Children outgrow things so fast that you may find hand me downs to be in great condition as well!


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