A Guidebook on Tummy Tuck Procedure After C-Section

The media is raging with images of celebrities with picture perfect figure, especially even after they have had babies. You must be wondering how it is possible to hide the belly bump so easily and within few months – is it rigorous exercise only or some magic? Well, plastic surgery has reached to an unimaginable height of development and you can miraculously get rid of the sagging tummy after C section with simple surgical procedures. Now, there is no need to regret of the pre-pregnancy bodies, you can still look your best after giving birth. Here are few facts on tummy tucking procedure after C-section –

guidebook on tummy tuck procedure after C-sectionNot Immediately After C Section

Tummy tuck should not be done at the same time as C section surgery. Doctors say that the healing of a C section scar is the primary need and then you can concentrate on your looks. Once the scar (just above pubic are) from delivery heals, the blood circulation in the area gets normal and only then you can go for a tummy tuck procedure. During pregnancy the body undergoes many hormonal changes, thus it is recommended to wait until 8 weeks and then think of reshaping your body. The best time for tummy tuck would whatsoever be after an year of your C section.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck After C Section

Tummy tucking after C section comes with multiple benefits. It can re-create your pre-pregnancy figure; in fact even improve the same. C-section scars and scar tissues can be faded with tummy tucking process. Also, stretch marks can be removed by this process. It flattens the tummy and removes the unwanted fat, thereby trimming away the excess sagging skin. You can attain a well contoured waist and repair your stretched abdominal muscles. It enables you to have a better posture, youthful figure, an inward belly button and reduces overall body mass.

Risks Associated with Tummy Tuck After C Section

The risks factors get lowered automatically if you let your C section scar heal at its best and then go for tummy tuck. Pre-pregnancy weight should be attained with normal metabolism before you are going for a tummy tuck; however there are risks with any kind of surgery. Some potential risks involved in tummy tuck are infection, blood clots, scarring, delayed healing, loss of sensation in the area, bleeding, persistent swelling, asymmetry, discoloration of the skin and the associated risks that can happen due to anaesthesia.

Precautionary Steps While Doing Tummy Tuck After C Section

The most important point while you go for tummy tuck is following the surgeon’s instructions meticulously. Best surgical techniques should be implied and trust a reliable surgeon for the process. Post the surgery, notice your body temperature and get medical attention if you develop a fever. See that you take your antibiotics and other medicines as instructed. The scar will be more or less close to the C section area, so the cleaning should be done carefully.

Be Realistic about Tummy Tuck Goals

Your reasons to get a tummy tuck done should be right and realistic. Tummy tuck is definitely not a solution for weight loss post pregnancy. The waist portion will lose weight to certain extent! Keep your support system ready before you go for tummy tuck – healing will take time so there should be enough help at hand to take care of your baby. Try to consult a plastic surgeon before you opt for tummy tuck surgery to get all your doubts clarified. Choose the surgeon only if he has earned your trust.


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