Handling Stress When You Are Pregnant And Have To Continue Working

Pregnancy is a time when your entire body is changing. You are going through a lot of physical and emotional changes, which you are trying to adjust to.

Happiness about your pregnancy is heartfelt, but you do have some concerns about being pregnant and having to work.

You are probably worried about all the stress that your job can put you through.

It is not an option for you to stay at home, so you are trying to find ways to manage your work, home, pregnancy, and the rest of your life. There are some things that you can do that will help you handle work related stress while you are pregnant.pregnancy stress

Stay Organized at Work

Keep your work space organized, so that you will not feel overwhelmed when you are looking for important things, is a good idea. You will want to keep all of your work necessities within easy reach, so that you will not have to stretch or bend over too much.

Your back, when you are pregnant, will be under enough strain, so you will need to organize things so that you will not hurt yourself.

Make sure that you do not stand or sit at your work, if at all possible, in the same manner, for a long period of time. If you are uncomfortable at your work place, then the stress of your job will seem a lot worse than it is. [Prenatal Care]

Avoid Rush Hour

Rush hour is a horrible time for most people, and with you being pregnant it can be a main source of stress. Try to work something out with your employer so that you can either go into work earlier or later, to avoid the rush hour traffic.

Usually, good employers will work with you when you are pregnant. If going to work earlier or later will not work for you, you may want to see if you can work at home until the baby is born. With computer technology today, sometimes this is a very feasible idea.

Have a Maternity Plan in Writing

Even though there are certain laws about maternity leave, and being pregnant at work, it is always good to have a plan in writing. Consult your employer and find out what your rights are according to them.

Show your employer that you are willing to be flexible. Lay all of your cards on the table, and be honest about what you expect.

This open communication between you and your employer will take a lot of stress off of you. You will feel a lot better knowing what is expected of you, and what your rights are as an employee.

Being pregnant should be a joyful time in your life. Try to deal with one problem that arises at a time, so that you will be able to avoid as much stress as possible.[Stress During Pregnancy]

You will not be able to have a stress free pregnancy, when it comes to work, but you will be able to eliminate a lot of it by following these simple tips.


  1. Great post.. I never really considered all of the additional stress that is added when you are pregnant, and I would assume that not realizing that the stress is there, would meant that most internalize it, and that is propabably the worst type of stress of all..


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