Home Remedies to Treat Mouth Ulcers During Pregnancy

Oral troubles would probably irritate you the most during pregnancy; as it is the body undergoes a lot of changes during this time, the additional troubles related to teeth, and gums are indeed undesirable. Mouth ulcers usually vanish in a day or two, but it is always not the case during pregnancy.  Mouth ulcers occur when the soft tissue, also known as the epithelial tissue gets injured and exposes the nerve endings to make it a painful wound inside the mouth. This is even more common during pregnancy because of severe hormonal changes, lack of vitamins and minerals, stress etc.

home remedies to treat mouth ulcers during pregnancy

These are non-contagious yellow coloured spot with a ring of red colour. Extremely painful while talking, eating, brushing or drinking; these mouth ulcers can be safely treated at home. It is always advisable to take minimum medications during pregnancy unless it is a severe condition; thus the following home remedies would surely be of great help to cure mouth ulcers during pregnancy –

  • Take a glass of salt water (one glass and one small pinch of salt) and gargle with it twice a day to get remarkable relief.
  • Mouth ulcers in most cases happen due to stress and depression during pregnancy; you can start yoga and meditation to calm your senses and balance the hormonal changes in your body.
  • Take adequate rest and enough sleep is a must.
  • Reduce the amount of spices in your diet; instead take more green vegetables, fruits and balanced diet.
  • Keeping your body hydrated is also a good way to keep your digestion stable and thus avoiding these oral problems.

If your mouth ulcer is causing extreme pain and you need a quick relief during pregnancy, check the home remedies below –

  • Gently rub a small cube of ice on the mouth ulcer and rinse your mouth with ice cold water. This alleviates the pain and soreness of the mouth.
  • Clove buds are also extremely beneficial to treat severe mouth ulcers showing prompt reaction. They are safe during pregnancy as well. Chew on a clove bud (lavang); let the direct juice touch the exposed wound of mouth ulcer. Try this out once every day and the mouth ulcer is supposed to subside within 3 days.
  • Coconut water works like miracle for mouth ulcers and also good for health during pregnancy. Drink one glass of coconut water every day, but before gulping it down hold in your mouth for few second with each sip.
  • Honey is natural humectants, it not only retains moisture but also prevent dehydration. It reduces scarring and aids in new tissue growth. Honey has anti-microbial effect that ensures immediate healing of mouth ulcers. You just need to dab little honey onto the mouth ulcer atleast 3 -4 times a day; you can also add a pinch of turmeric to it before applying on the area. The ulcers will start healing within a day or two.
  • Tulsi plant is a miraculous herb for many ailments and safe from all aspects even for pregnant women; the leaves of this herb has amazing medicinal properties and it acts as an adaptogen to help the body cope with stress. Chew few tulsi leaves about 3-4 times a day and get rid of ulcers faster than any other medicine.
  • Poppy seeds or khus-khus shows a cooling effect on the body. In many studies it has been said that mouth ulcers are effects of excessively heated body. Thus, if you can mix some sugar to grinded khus-khus seeds and take this mixture in one tablespoon quantity twice a day, it will show immediate effect.

The above mentioned home remedies for mouth ulcers are all safe for the pregnanacy period and otherwise. Thus, instead of taking in antibiotics or other strong medications, you can first try out these procedures.


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