Is Hot Bath and Bubble Safe During Pregnancy?

This is a common question that many pregnant women ask as hot water bath can be really relaxing when you are pregnant. However, this is something that is not recommended when you are pregnant. The same holds true for bubble bath as well. Here in this article we would tell you why these baths are not advisable and what is the correct way of taking a bath when you are pregnant.

hot bath and Bubble safe during pregnancy

Why is Hot Bath not Recommended for Pregnant Women?

Doctors say that it is really important for you to be cautious about the temperature of the water you are bathing in. It is okay to relax in warm water but hot water should be avoided. The water should be comfortable enough to get in completely rather than entering it slowly with discomfort. The water should also not make you sweat or make the color of skin reddish.

It is best if you can test the water with your elbow before getting into the bath tub. Elbow is more sensitive to temperature than you feet or hands.

A hot water bath should be avoided as this affects your normal body temperature and that is dangerous for your baby inside. Studies on animals have proved that temperature changes caused birth defects in their babies, especially during the initial months of pregnancy.

Temperature changes can affect your baby’s spine and brain and cause NTD or neural tube defects,  Spina Bifida is one such problem. The chances of these defects are higher when you go for saunas and hot tubs as the temperature in these cases stays constantly high.

Why is Bubble Bath not Recommended During Pregnancy?

Bubble bath for sensitive skin is considered to be healthy for pregnant women.  However, it is best to avoid bubble bath altogether no matter how tempting it looks. Bubble bath contains bath salts and other essential oils and this can change the pH of your skin and of course your vagina. You can develop thrush and this can be really uncomfortable. If you suffer from the problem of thrush, it is important that it is treated before delivery else the infection might pass on to your baby during delivery.

Bubble bath hinders the growth of good bacteria in your vaginal skin and increase the growth of unhealthy bacteria as the hormone levels differ during this time.

Tips to Take Bath During Pregnancy?

  • It is safe if you have someone by your side to help you get in and get out of the bath tub.
  • Make sure that the temperature of the water is not more than 36 degree C or 98 degree F
  • Run cold water unless the water feels comfortably warm
  • Keep a water bottle handy and sip water from it now and then to avoid dehydration
  • As you drain the water, be seated on the bath tub

Empty your bladder before and after your bath as this would reduce the chances of any kind of infection. Warm bath is highly recommended as this reduces hemorrhoids which again are common during pregnancy.


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