How To Feel Beautiful When You Are Pregnant?

Every woman experiences concerns about how they look when they are pregnant.

After all, your body will go through a large number of changes, and you may feel like you are no longer in your own body.

It is common to feel like you have no control, and that you are no longer attractive during this time.

However, there are ways that you can continue to feel beautiful and attractive when you are pregnant.

Consider the following self image issues that most women face during pregnancy, and how you can deal with them.weight gain

Dealing with Weight Gain during Pregnancy

One of the biggest concerns you will face when you are pregnant is weight gain. No one enjoys putting on extra pounds, and outgrowing their wardrobe. [Pregnancy Weight Gain]

However, you have to understand that during pregnancy it is normal and expected to gain weight. You are not just putting on the pounds for no reason.

Instead of thinking of weight gain as a negative thing, you need to focus on how healthy your baby is going to be. After all, the bigger you are the bigger your baby is.

Take pride in this fact, and use your weight gain as a way to feel positive that you are advancing correctly during your pregnancy.

You can also find delight in the fact that during pregnancy you can get away with fashion mishaps, or choices that no one else can. Enjoy your stretchy pants and baggy shirts while you can. Soon enough, you will need to start keeping up with the fashion trends once again.

Facing Skin Changes When You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant it is not uncommon for your soft, smooth skin to turn into a scaly, flaky mess. This can be very frustrating, as well as very uncomfortable. However, there are easy solutions for combating this unsightly problem.

The first step to enjoying smooth skin is staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fluids every day. After all, you need enough fluids for your body, and the baby’s body.

You will also need to find a good moisturizer to apply directly to the skin. Choose skin care products that contain Aloe Vera or cocoa butter for added smoothness and shine.

In addition, rubbing lotion on your stomach can help eliminate the appearance of stretch marks.

Eliminating Swelling in Your Feet and Hands

One of the most common problems of pregnancy is swelling. Many women experience swelling in their feet, hands, and legs. This condition can be very unsightly. After all, no one wants to show off ankles that are severely swollen.

Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of swelling you experience, or eliminate it completely. The first step is avoiding salt in your diet.

Cut out the processed foods and high sodium food products. Replace the salt shaker with a non salt seasoning product. Salt, or sodium, is the number one cause of water retention and swelling during pregnancy. Cut out the salt and you can reduce your swelling quickly.


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