Valuable Info on How to Have Twins

When thinking about how to have twins some people say that this is the fate of couples, but it is also a known fact that there are some factors that increase the chances of women to have multiplets. The majority of these aren’t proven scientifically, but they are supported by experience and tradition.

A history of having twins

In case you have some family members that had twins you might wonder whether you will have twins too. It is true that in some cases having multiplets is hereditary. There is a gene for hyperovulation that you could also have in case your grandmother or mother had fraternal twins.

How To Have TwinsGaining weight

When it comes to having twins some studies have shown that there is a direct connection between obesity and having multiples. This means that the women with a BMI higher than 30 have higher chances of having twins. Just as in the previous case, this is true only considering the fraternal twins.

Just wait for it

In case you are asking how to have twins one of the answers you could get is to wait. It is said that the older mothers have higher chances to have twins than the younger ones. This is because the body starts to increase ovulation because the biological clock ticks faster.

Statistically speaking, 20% of women after the age of 45 are having twins. Still you should keep in mind that the risks increase in this case too. The chances of having a miscarriage or gestational diabetes also increase. The babies also have higher chances of being affected by chromosomal abnormalities.

Twins again

In case you had twins before, and you are asking how to have twins, you should know that in this situation you are more likely to have them again. Studies show that for the women who had twins before the chances of having twins again are four times higher than the women who never had twins.

Dairy and yams

When it comes to having twins, a West African tribe called Yuruba has the highest twins’ rate. Although nobody is certain why, some of the studies have shown that it might have something to do with the diet of the mothers. These women have a lot of cassava, a kind of sweet potato or yam.

The specialists may have found the answer to how to have twins, because this vegetable contains a substance that leads to hyperovulation in case of women. Another study has shown that the women who have dairy increase their chances by five times to have twins.

Fertility assistance

If you are thinking about having twins you should know that the reproductive technology could increase your chances of fulfilling this wish. The fertility drugs could stimulate your ovulation in a way to have twins, and the same result could also be achieved in case of in vitro fertilization.

In this case when it comes to how to have twins, it’s not only that there are more embryos transferred to the uterus, but the monozygotic twins are also more likely to appear.

Nonetheless you should only think about treatments of this kind in case you really need; otherwise it’s not ethical to use it.

Having a big family

If you wish to have twins you should consider having a big family. It is said that the more children you have, the higher your chances are to have twins in the following pregnancy. Still nobody knows how many children you should have for this to happen, so you have to keep going.

Breastfeeding and conceiving

While you may think that breastfeeding isn’t important when you ask how to have twins because during it you can’t get pregnant. Keep in mind that even though women breastfeed that doesn’t mean that they don’t ovulate. Some people say that if you get pregnant during this period, you will have twins.

On the other hand a lot of mothers having twins say that there is no connection whatsoever. Still the specialists believe that breastfeeding women have chances nine times higher to have twins than those who weren’t breastfeeding at the moment of conception.

The pill and pregnancy

You may wonder how to have twins when being on the pill. These pills are said to be 99.9% effective, but there is still a 0.01% chance to get pregnant, and if you do, it is possible that you will have twins. It is likely that you haven’t been taking the pill regularly or that it didn’t offer enough coverage.

No matter what the case is, you could end up having twins exactly because the hormones could cause hyperovulation thus making having twins more likely for you.

Now you may know the answer to the question how to have twins. Keep in mind that it is possible you might just get lucky.


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