How to Pick the Right Bra During Pregnancy

Finding the perfect bra while you are pregnant may seem like an impossible task since the size of your breasts is changing constantly and so is the shape. While sometimes, you may need a very comfortable bra, on other occasions you may need one that can provide support.

It may be a good idea to just buy a bigger bra but it may not always be as supportive as you want it to be. So how does one pick the right bra during pregnancy? Well, to solve your problem, we have come up with a few tips and suggestions which are given as follows:

pick the right bra during pregnancy

Find out your Band Size

The first step to get the right bra for you during pregnancy is to find out what your band size is.  To do so, you can take the inch side of the measuring tape and measure the size by placing it underneath your breasts.  The arms must be kept as close to the body as possible and the correct measurement must be taken. If you are unable to do this by yourself, ask for help of your partner or a friend.

Write Down the Measurements

It is best to write down the measurement taken by you and add another 5 to it in order to make sure the size fits you right even as the pregnancy progresses. Put these measurements on paper to avoid any kind of confusion later on.

Find out the Bust Size

Now that you have written the underbust size, it is time to find out the size of the breasts.  To do so, take the measuring tape and put it around the largest portion of your breasts.  While taking down the measurement, keep your arms as close to the body as possible and write it down.

Calculate the Cup Size

Besides the bust size, there is also another measurement that you may need to consider and know in order to find the right bra and this is the cup size. To calculate the cup size, you need to subtract the band size from the bust size.

Buy the Bra

Now that you have all measurements with you, you can buy the bra without any difficult. Make sure you buy from a reputed store and brand in order to avoid any problems later on. Avoid underwire bras as they may stick to your body and add to the discomfort that you may already be feeling. Also, make sure you get a bra with good support since the increasing breast size can make your bust look saggy.

You can also go for special maternity bras which are made up of microfibers or cotton that offer comfort and support to your growing breasts.

Consult a Bra Consultant

Many bra stores have bra consultants who can help you with buying the perfect bra for yourself.  They can help you measure the size; suggest the right fit and the right material to experience maximum comfort during pregnancy.


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