Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy?

travel during pregnancyYes, it is safe to travel during pregnancy only if there are no complications associated with your pregnancy.

Now, people are traveling more than ever before, both for business and pleasure.

Before traveling, you should know where and how you can travel if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

In most of the cases, you can travel safely even to exotic destinations.

The most important things you must be aware are insurance details, medications and vaccinations.

The ideal time to travel during pregnancy is second trimester. During the first trimester pregnancy, you will experience the symptoms like morning sickness and nausea.

So, you feel little uncomfortable while traveling. During the third trimester, you will become easily fatigued and generally this is not the safe period to travel.

Tips to make your travel safe during pregnancy:

Most of you worry that travel during pregnancy make you uncomfortable and exhausted. But, these tips will greatly help you to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Reduce your stress level: You cannot avoid the stress by staying at home throughout the pregnancy period. Following some simple strategies will greatly help you to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Leave the home as early as possible so that you can reach the station, airport or destination effortlessly. Travel lightly, pack the things that are necessary, which you can carry easily.

Maximize your energy levels: Whenever we travel to a particular destination, hiking mountains, dining out, visiting museums, and going to the theater are the most common activities we used to do. But, when you travel during pregnancy, it is better to stay away from these activities. Don’t try to do all the activities that you did before you become pregnant.

Eat a healthy diet: Don’t try to miss the meals, because it leaves you feel sick or make you faint. Whenever you plan to travel to an unknown destination, it is better to keep lots of healthy, portable snacks like nuts, dried fruits and cereal bars. Carry a bottle full of water and drink it frequently.

Remember that dehydration during pregnancy causes various complications. So, drink more and more water. Also, take extra fluids so that they will help in preventing swollen feet and ankles. Eating a well balanced meal is very important for both you and your developing unborn baby. Ask your practitioner about taking extra vitamin and mineral supplements during the journey.

Remember that always carry healthy and energy boosting snacks along with you.

Take stretch breaks: Whether you are in a car or airplane, get up and move around for every hour. Particularly, this is very essential during pregnancy. Doing this will help you in preventing stiffness, soreness and also blood clots.

Avoid the thrush: During pregnancy, you are more susceptible to thrush. Hot and humid climates make your condition more severe. So, wear cotton clothes to help avoid the problem.

Participate in safe activities: Don’t try to attempt the activities like snowboarding, skiing, waterskiing, or surfing because these are very dangerous during pregnancy. Avoid any type of activity that puts you at risk of falling.

These tips help to make your travel during pregnancy a safe and enjoyable journey.



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