What Does it Mean to Lose your Mucus Plug?

Mucus plug is the bit of mucus which is generated by a pregnant body to seal the cervical opening a few weeks after they become pregnant. As the cervix, the opening of the uterus is downwards, it becomes important for the body to seal it as soon as you get pregnant for safety from injury or bacterial attack.

Therefore the body produces thick mucus by natural secretions to seal the cervix to protect the fully developed embryo. The body later loses the mucus plug before the delivery to let the cervix to dilate to help the baby to come out. Here are a few facts about losing the mucus plug.

what does it mean to lose your mucus plug

Reason Behind Losing Mucus Plug

Till nine months your baby grows in your womb and after that your body begins to prepare itself for the delivery. The body starts creating the path to deliver the baby and therefore starts dilating the cervix. So when the cervical opening gets dilated, there remains nothing to hold the mucus and the body loses the mucus plug through the vagina. Thus the mucus plug is lost by the body because it is not required any more.

Loss of Mucus Plug and Delivery

Losing mucus plug does not mean that the delivery is near. In some people the losing of mucus plug is very gradual and the delivery may be far off. Losing the mucus plug indicates that the body has started preparing itself for the delivery. The preparation for the final delivery may take few days or even a week. In some women the amniotic sac or the water sac ruptures soon after the mucus plug is lost, whereas in some it may not be so.

After Losing the Mucus Plug

It is important to know that whether it is losing of the mucus plug or it is the normal discharge and this you can find out after consultation with your care provider and doctor.

Time Left for Labor

When you lose your mucus plug the first question which arises in your mind is that will you have the delivery shortly and therefore should you visit your doctor? The answer to this question differs from individual to individual. In some cases the mucus plug is forsaken at the last moment or immediately before the delivery, while in other cases it is lost much before the final delivery. It depends on the time taken for the body to dilate and create the passage for the baby to come out.

Signals Delivery Shortly

Losing the mucus plug indicates that your labor pain is not far away, as a body loses the mucus plug when the cervix starts dilating to let the baby out. The labor may be just one or two days far. But make sure that you have almost completed thirty seven weeks of pregnancy. If you are not near the completion of full pregnancy term then consult your doctor about the same.

Thus, losing the mucus cork is not anything to worry about but rather it signals the nearing of a great event of your delivery.


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