6 Ways to Make your Husband a Part of your Pregnancy

It is true that pregnancy is a woman’s gift and is an experience she cannot share or express in words  to anyone. But the soon to arrive baby is as much your husband’s as it is yours and thus it is very important to make your husband a real partner in the process  by including and involving him throughout the 9 months and even after childbirth.

Afterall, why would you want your husband to be left alone and moreover, a little help from the partner never hurt anyone. The following are the best 6 ways to include your husband in pregnancy.

make your husband a part of your pregnancy

1. The first way to include your husband in pregnancy is to invite him to your medical appointments.  When your husband comes with you to the prenatal appointments, he gets a chance to understand the procedure well and ask questions from the doctor or the midwife.  Moreover, a partner’s presence is welcomed by the doctor as well and is well appreciated.

2. Talking about the baby, its future and your pregnancy experience with your partner every day is another good way to make him feel involved. Tell your husband to share his concerns with you so that you can put an end to his doubts and anxieties. Ask him how he feels about the soon-to-arrive baby to understand his thoughts and feelings.

3. During pregnancy, it is a great idea to make a birth plan with your partner. You both must divide your duties and define your roles after the birth of the child. This too will make your husband feel involved and included not just during pregnancy but even after it.

4. Get to know how much involved does your husband wants to be. Including him more than he wants can be a little hard on him and hence make birth plans and other plans only after knowing how much he is willing to be included.

5. Share your excitement with him and do things together that make your feel connected to the baby. Decide on names and shop for the baby together so as to be united in the experience of pregnancy.

6. Taking a parenting class is another superb way to include your husband in pregnancy.  A parenting class not only prepares you for after birth but also helps your husband to know about his duties, responsibilities and role once the baby arrives.

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