Maternity Fashion: Some Style Tips

Pregnancy is a time when a woman can literally glow, it is a time when she can be the most beautiful at any time in her life, and there is no reason why your wardrobe should not reflect this.

There is absolutely no reason to hide away the evidence of the new life that you nurture.

So don’t hide your bump under the tent like contraptions that pass off for maternity wear; rather flaunt your pregnancy with a style statement that is your very own.maternity clothe

Looking good during your pregnancy is as important as when you are not pregnant; it can go a long way to curing the pregnancy blues, and can make you feel upbeat and confident.

Don’t be afraid to splurge just a little

Remember that it isn’t just during your pregnancy that you will be using maternity garments; you will use them for a few months after as well, before you get back into your pre pregnancy shape, so it’s OK to splurge a little and get a few really good outfits.

Maternity clothes not Plus size clothes

Get clothes that suit your pregnant shape and don’t just make you look fat. Maternity clothes are designed specially to accommodate and not conceal your baby bump.

So rather than just buying large size or plus size clothes, that usually end up just making a woman look huge, it makes more sense to buy clothes that are actually designed for pregnant women. That way you don’t end up looking like a shapeless tent!

Look for your personal style

If you are a trendy diva in the usual course, there is no reason to turn into a frump when you are waiting for your precious bundle to arrive.

This is not to say of course that what suits your non pregnant shape will also suit your burgeoning waistline so make sure that your pregnancy wardrobe reflects not only your personal style, whether it is trendy, casual, bohemian, or smart, but also makes allowances for your body’s changing shape.

Things to look for in Maternity wear

Empire waist outfits are generally attractive as well as comfortable for the pregnant shape since the waist fits comfortably above the baby bump.

Tie back tops are also an excellent idea since they can be adjusted as your waistline increases and slowly disappears. They are also very convenient for later; after the baby comes, for breastfeeding.

Elasticized waist pants or skirts that expand as you do, and are comfortable when worn over or below the baby bump.

So go ahead and gear up in style for this special time.


  1. You can buy great items from great maternity wear online and who want’s to trapes the shops when you can do it at home on line !

  2. I totally agree with this blog. I am 5 months pregnant now and most of my friends complimented me for being fashionable even if I’m pregnant. One thing I make sure is when I’m wearing on something I see to it that I am comfortable.


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