Maternity Photography: Cool Tips For A Great Photoshoot

Pregnancy can be a great time to get lovely pictures clicked of you and your growing bump.  Maternity photography is a growing trend, one which involves shots of not just the expectant mother with the belly but also of the father and the siblings. But getting the right shots in terms of decency and angles can be tricky. If you are someone who wishes to get a lovely maternity photo shoot done or are a photographer who is faced with a maternity photo shoot project, the following given tips and suggestions can be very useful.maternity photography

  • Head outdoors

Most maternity sessions are done in studios but going outdoors is a great way to make your shoot unique and experiment with the elements of nature.  Head to the beach or the park and include all the natural beauty with the beauty of the growing belly to click contrasting shots. Make use of the natural light if you do not wish to use the artificial lighting of the studio on the belly.

  • Go monochrome

Pregnancy is surely a colorful and vibrant phase but monochrome belly shots turn out to be absolutely amazing. But if you have decided to click in black and white, you must have a lot of natural or artificial light falling on the right places and a beautiful composition to complement the look.

  • Include the husband, the kid and even the pet

If the idea of only the mother with the belly sounds old and boring to you, you can always ask the husband, the kid and the pet dog to join in too. A shot of the father kissing the belly or the sibling talking to it can enhance the photo shoot and add more subjects to it.

  • Keep it simple

Rather than including too many props and making the shoot a complicated affair, you must keep it simple and include only what matters. A simple shot of the belly under a bright colored top and against a light colored background can also work wonders if clicked from the right angles. Simplicity during a maternity photo shoot can truly bring out the best and create magnificent shots.

  • Make the mother feel beautiful

A lot of women are conscious about their bellies and about the stretch marks and may thus be uncomfortable during the maternity photo shoot.  But it is your job as a photographer to make the woman feel beautiful, excited about the new phase to come and to feel as comfortable as possible.  To do this, you can simply talk to her during the photo-shoot and give her real compliments.  Be careful with what you say and be genuine.

  • Click at home

Rather than heading to the photo studio, try clicking the maternity shots where the mother is most comfortable-her home. Pick a spot in the home where there is a lot of natural light and use the light to create cozy and warm shots. Keep it candid and avoid telling the mother to pose a lot.


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