Maternity Swimwear – How to Choose It?

The good news about maternity swimwear is that there has never been a greater selection before. In the past pregnant women didn’t really go to the beach or they did their best to cover their belly. In our days it’s quite common to see pregnant women wearing a bikini. So how to choose swimwear?

Showing or covering with the swimwear for maternity?

If you don’t mind people noticing that you are expecting, there are numerous one-piece suits that you can choose from. Naturally there are also the two-piece swimsuits, such as the keyhole style swimsuit or the empire tank. If you are more modest, you can opt for a suit with a skirt, like a babydoll style that makes you less conscious about the expanding belly.

Maternity SwimwearThink ahead

It is possible that you don’t want to buy more maternity swimsuits as the belly grows. In this case you should opt for swimsuits that need to be tied instead of clasps. This is because as the belly grows you just have to adjust the ties. This way there will be no need for a new swimsuit as the belly grows out of the old one.


The truth about the swimsuits for maternity is that, while black usually makes women look slimmer, this is not the case of pregnant women. If you want to draw the attention away from your belly you should look for prints. These draw the attention to your upper body, away from your belly.

When it comes to pregnancy swimsuits you could be thinking about a halter swimsuit top with a skirt and tie bottoms. You can be sure that this combination is very flattering. Regarding the one-piece swimsuits you should know that they come in some many different colors and patterns that there is no need to stick to black.

Support on the top

One of the most important things regarding swimsuits for pregnant women is to have support on the top. This is very important because pregnant women’s breasts get enlarged. The best decision that you can make is to get a shelf bra that comes with underlying elastic.

In case you have smaller breasts, it is alright for your maternity swimwear to have a halter-top that has soft cups or you could also opt for a strapless top. However this isn’t the most practical decision if you want to swim laps.


If you are looking for swimwear for pregnant women you should know that cotton is a good choice because it allows the skin to breathe. In the same time it is also good to have some lycra because it allows the belly to expand as it grows. Stretching is important as the pregnancy progresses.

Swimming or sunning

In case you are looking for maternity swimsuits you should know for what you would be using the swimsuit.

As you can see pregnancy swimsuits come in many types and colors. You just have to find the one that works the best for you.


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