How to Have a Stylish Maternity Wear

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to wear hideous clothes. Even more, in our days, maternity wear could also be feminine and even sexy if you choose the right items. If you would like to keep your style during pregnancy as well, there are some tips that you should know about.

Show some skin when going for pregnancy clothes

Although you may think that it is somewhat daring, this may be the perfect time to show your cleavage. Remember that now you have larger breasts and so you could opt for scoop neck sweaters or T shirts. Also keep in mind that the upper part of the body is still thin, so it is sexy.

Maternity WearSkinny

In case you liked wearing skinny jeans before you switched to pregnancy clothes, you could also wear them during these 9 months. There are numerous maternity lines that offer comfortable and stretchy jeans that will be suitable for your new curves and they won’t make you uncomfortable.

No bulky look

You may be tempted to opt for larger maternity wear just to hide the new curves, but these could make you look bulky. Instead you should go for the clothing that emphasize your silhouette, like snug sleeve tops, bottom down shirt, skinny jeans and blazers. Also consider the stretchy knits if you like them.

In case these pregnancy clothes don’t work out for you, try wearing a men’s shirt paired with jeans or leggings along with a tank top or T shirt underneath. This way you could achieve the perfect balance between a sexy, classic and feminine look.

Color it up

There is no need to get maternity wear only in neutral colors and black. Adding colors is a must in case you would like to have a modern look. In case you are wearing bright colors, you will have a better mood. Nonetheless if you still prefer black, at least have a colorful sweater with your back outfit.

Decorate it!

The pregnancy clothes don’t have to be boring. In case they are, you could add some glamour to them with beaded, embroidered or ruffled accents. If you do something like this, make sure that you create some items that you will be able to wear more than once, after feeling a little bit too creative.


To make the maternity wear even more interesting and to add some layers the simplest thing to do is to add some accessories. For instance you could go for the long earrings and the dangling necklaces to make your face look less full. You may also like to have a printed scarf in your hair.

In case you are more daring regarding pregnancy clothes, you could also add a bejeweled cuff bracelet or make the outfit pop through an elegant handbag. If you won’t have to be on your feet all day, you could also wear some special shoes, like open-toe sandals. Sexy shoes can make wonders for your look.


If you evaluate wearing the proper shoes as part of your maternity wear make sure that they are comfortable and they have low heels. Make sure that the shoes don’t have laces because it will become almost impossible to tie them as the belly starts growing. You may also consider wearing support tights.


Although you may think that this isn’t the most important one of the pregnancy clothes, they are still important for you. One of the essential things that you need is a support bra to feel comfortable and to make sure you won’t have saggy breasts.

Now you know all about maternity wear.


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