Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

A number of discomforts, aches and pains will manifest themselves during pregnancy, which can be countered in a number of natural ways. Also there are many reasons to feel ambivalent and unsettled about the processes your body is undergoing at this time.

Learning to deal with the upheavals of pregnancy, both mental and physical is best done using natural methods, since the impact of drugs and pharmaceuticals can be negative:

Meditation and Yoga: Yoga is basically the science of assuming several different positions known as ‘aasanas’ to increase health, strength and vitality in the body and also improve flexibility and balance.

There are a number of stretches and breathing exercises involved in yoga[pregnancy yoga] that are beneficial for preparing the body for childbirth as well. This can help reduce the aches and pains that you experience during pregnancy as well as the subsequent birthing process.

Meditation is a way to concentrate and center the mind, relieving the stress. You can feel a sense of calm come over you as you concentrate your conscious mind and your energies. The process can energize and enliven you while also reducing pain and discomfort.

Massage: Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is seen to be greatly beneficial in reducing aches and pains as well as preparing the body for childbirth.

Pregnancy massage can be useful for a number of different things: it can reduce swellings that may occur in the legs and arms during pregnancy. Muscles and joints properly targeted will hurt less.

Pregnancy massage could also reduce stress and induce a pampered feeling of wellbeing because of the comforting nature of human touch.

There are massage therapists who are specially trained in prenatal massage who would be the best people to carry out such massage. It is safe to have pregnancy massage after the first trimester as long as there is no specific embargo placed by your health care provider.

Aromatherapy: Breathing aroma therapy or essential oils by way of a diffuser, applying them directly on to the skin or in some cases even ingesting them is seen to be beneficial.  Their uses during pregnancy are also well documented; however they have to be taken in moderation and under supervision of a knowledgeable expert.

Essential oils can also relive various aches and pains, and reduce stress, bringing about a calm sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  You can read more about the use of essential aromatherapy oils during pregnancy in our earlier post.


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