Natural Yeast Infection Treatment While Pregnant

In case you are thinking about natural yeast infection treatment while pregnant you should know that the chances for a woman to get the infection are twice as high during pregnancy than when not being pregnant.

However the good news is that there are a lot of natural treatments that you could use.

Natural Yeast Infection Treatment While Pregnant


Yogurt is often used to treat yeast infections. The yogurt that you use shouldn’t have sweeteners or flavors. While plain yogurt usually does the trick, some women say that Greek yogurt is even better. In fact any yogurt is good as long as it contains live cultures.

You can use this natural cure for yeast infection when being pregnant by applying the yogurt on your finger. You may also put some yogurt on the tip of a tampon, freeze it and then insert it into the vagina. The itching can be made better if you apply the yogurt on the labia. The yogurt can also be placed on a maxi pad.

Garlic suppositories

This natural yeast infection treatment while pregnant is commonly used and it is safe for pregnant women. Garlic is known for having antimicrobial characteristics. All you have to do is to peel the garlic and then crush it or abrade it. Insert the garlic into the vagina and leave it there for the night.

When using this cure, it is possible that you will have trouble retrieving the garlic clove. You don’t have to worry because it will fall out on its own during the day. To make your job easier you could wrap it in gauze before inserting into the vagina.


These are known as natural yeast infection treatment while pregnant because they come with acidophilus and other organisms that help fight the infection. They contain some organisms that can’t be found in yogurt. All you have to do is to insert a capsule into the vagina.

Tea tree oil

Although this is a commonly used cure, you have to remember that it is quite harsh so it can do more damage than good especially in case of women who are sensitive. If you want to use it, add one or two drops of oil to the douche.

If you are looking for a natural yeast infection treatment while pregnant, then there are a lot to choose from.


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