Making the Perfect Layette Checklist

When there is a baby on the way parents start preparing the layette checklist to make sure that they have everything they need for the arrival of the little one. In order to ensure that there is nothing missing you should create your own checklist and thick the items that you already have.

Layette Checklist

Onesies and the checklist for layette

One of the most important items of any baby’s wardrobe is the onesie. These are bodysuits made of one piece that come with a snap crotch. The best thing is that you can use them during the hot summer months and during the winter they can be used for layering.

Hooded bath towels

To be prepared for the bath time of the baby, you also need to have these towels on the layette list. This comes in really handy while you are drying the baby to keep him or her warm. Most probably you need 2-4 towels and 4-6 washcloths to cover the needs of the little one.


For sure you know when it comes to the layette checklist you should know that the baby needs to be warm regardless of the season. This is what you need the sweaters for. During the summer it is best to use cotton sweaters, while in the winter try to opt for fleece jackets or pullovers.

Diapers and diaper supplies

If you are thinking about the list for layette first you have to decide if you will use disposable or cloth diapers. If you go for the cloth diapers, you will need about three dozens of diapers, a diaper pail having a close-fitting lid and about five diaper covers.

Socks and booties

Although these are irresistible for the majority of mothers, the truth about the layette checklist is that the babies don’t really need booties until they become toddlers. In order to keep the little feet warm you just need socks. In case of a winter baby think about slippers to keep the baby warm.

Bumpers and linens

The layette listing should also include about 3-4 linens to keep the crib fresh and clean. Depending on the kind of mattress that you choose, you may want to invest in a couple of moisture-proof pads. To keep the little one warm you should have a sleeping bag or baby bag.


In case of the layette checklist it is very important to think about hats. This is because the babies can lose a lot of heat through their heads. The summer babies need hats to protect them against the sun rays. During the summer the little ones need warm caps with ear flaps.


Although not all women need this layette item, you should think about the chilly days. When the cold sets in it is important to have some kind of jacket or bunting. The winter babies need heavy bunting or a snowsuit with hand flaps or mittens.

Now you know all about the essential items that the layette checklist should contain.


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