Plus Size Maternity Clothes – How to Get and Wear Them?

All women would like to look good, but when it comes to plus size maternity clothes the truth is that the options you have are quite limited, especially in case you are tall. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that there are only horrible clothes that you could wear during this period. Maternity clothes could be stylish.

The choice of large maternity clothes

It is known that during pregnancy women gain about 25 pounds. Naturally this could vary according to the size you were before you got pregnant. Women who were sizes 18-22 gain about 15-25 pounds during their pregnancy. If you are such size, most probably you will need maternity clothes.

Plus Size Maternity ClothesOn the other hand when thinking about large maternity clothes for women of size 24, it is possible that they don’t need special clothes because they don’t gain that much weight. This is usually true until the 7th month, because in their case the weight gain isn’t that dramatic.

When looking for plus size maternity clothes the first factor that you have to consider is comfort. It is best to choose the clothes with rubber bands so that they will be able to expand in the following months. Wearing loose clothes doesn’t mean that you will have to give up your style.

Styles ad patterns to make you look slimmer

The large maternity clothes come in different styles and patterns to make you feel sexy even when you have a child in your womb. To make sure that you won’t have any skin problems, you should go for the natural materials like cotton or the knotted clothes.

A lot of women would like to look slimmer. If this is your case regarding plus size maternity clothes, you may want to consider wearing dark colors, like blue or black. To create a better visual effect, it is a good idea to opt for the clothes with floral prints or those that come with vertical lines.

When women of size 24 are looking for large maternity clothes it is possible that they will not find such sizes in the shops or boutiques, but in some cases the online catalogs have them. It looks like there is nothing that you can’t find online, and you shouldn’t think that these clothes are more expensive than the ones you can find in stores.

The options

The main point of the plus size maternity clothes is to offer enough space for the belly. There are a lot of options when it comes to clothes that are suitable for the silhouette of pregnant women. When looking for styles, make sure that you give the empire style a shot. These clothes have a high waist, under the bust.

It is important for the large maternity clothes to have a low flow skirt. This way you can accentuate the curves of the body, achieving a more feminine look and you can draw the attention away from your abdomen. The advantage of the dresses of this kind is that they work well for tall women.

Empire style

The good thing about the plus size maternity clothes is that you can find dresses and coats with the empire style and you can wear them both to formal and informal events, including meetings and parties. Other suitable styles include the pleated front and tapas layers.

Such large maternity clothes should be found in your wardrobe because they reveal the shoulders and the neck, the thin body parts of pregnant women. It is also good to have some dresses and shirts that come with embroidery under the bust, because this is another thin body part.

There are many different styles of plus size maternity clothes to go for.


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