6 Precautions to take While Doing Cleaning Tasks During Pregnancy

Pregnant women have to make a lot of changes to their lifestyle, activities and actions in order to avoid any kind of accident, injury or illness. Being careful about small things can be a good way to ensure a smooth and problem-free pregnancy.

If you are someone who loves cleaning and cannot get enough of it, even during pregnancy, then you must remember that this is the time when you need to take it easy. While cleaning, you must take a few precautions which will ensure that no harm is done to you or the baby. The following are the 6 helpful tips and precautions to take while doing household cleaning work during pregnancy:

precautions to take while doing cleaning tasks during pregnancy1. Wearing Gloves and Masks

Wearing gloves and masks is a good thing to do while cleaning and more so during pregnancy. There are many cleaning agents which might be harmful for you and for your baby and you must avoid coming in contact with them. To do this, wearing of the right fitted gloves and face mask is recommended. You can choose latex rubs while mopping as well as during the time of scrubbing. Moreover, masks can also help to avoid inhaling any kinds of fumes.

2. Going Green

Household cleaning can expose you to many kinds of chemicals, harmful substances etc. in cleaning agents. Thus it is best to use products that are natural and have less concentration of chemicals during pregnancy. There are many such products available in the market and you can also prepare some at home.

3. Be Informed

It is very important to be very informed about the cleaning products that you are using. for this, it is advisable to always read the labels of the cleaning liquids, washing liquids, dishwasher solutions and find out whether these items are toxic or poisonous or not. If you find any item to have a lot of toxins, then you must not use them and keep them away from you atleast as long as you are pregnant.

4. Do not Move Heavy Furniture

In order to clean out the areas under furniture pieces etc., you must not even think of moving any heavy furniture. Don’t try to drag tables or pick up sofas for vacuuming or take someone else’s help to do so. This is not the time to be brave and try something that may affect you in any negative way.

5. Do not Mix Cleaning Agents

Many people tend to mix cleaning agents to clean various parts of the house but during pregnancy, this must be avoided as this can have many potential dangers. Mixing substances such as ammonia and bleach can cause chemical reactions and may let out dangerous fumes.

6. Avoid using Spray Cleaners

Avoid using bug killers, spray cleaners and air fresheners as these may create a mist and may cause irritation and nausea. By avoiding these sprays, you will have a better and safe household cleaning experience during pregnancy.


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