Pregnancy and Air Travel – Airline Restrictions, dos and don’ts

While air travel during pregnancy is generally considered safe, it is depends upon the airline policy on pregnant women that determines whether you can travel while pregnant and until what stage during your pregnancy you can fly.

Restrictions are in place to avoid problems relating to a pregnant woman going into labor during the later stages of pregnancy.

There are generally three categories that determine travel restrictions for pregnant women or the lack thereof.

Many air lines such as KLM, Delta, Air France and Southwest have no restrictions when it comes to travel of pregnant women.

Recommendations and suggestions for pregnant women while traveling are issued by the airlines, which can be accessed at the website of the airline.

Many other airlines require a note from the doctor before letting a pregnant woman travel aboard their airline.

The doctor should be able to certify that the pregnant woman is fit and healthy enough to fly and should furnish information about the baby’s due date. Airlines such as United and Lufthansa require a note of some or other sort from the doctor.

Several airlines are more stringent and have restrictions about travel. They may prohibit women from flying once they are past a certain later stages of their pregnancy.


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