Pregnancy And The Full Body Scanner – Know Your Rights

The various security mechanisms that are put in place are there for our own safety and security and one ought to cooperate with these to the best of one’s abilities, in the interests of all concerned.

One of the mechanisms that are put in place for security reasons are the full body scanner, which has invited controversy in the past as well. So what about scanners for pregnant women?

pregnancy and the full body scannerThe full body scanners are X-ray photos of people that are meant to reveal concealed threats upon a person without removal of clothing and it has been controversial for more reasons than just issues of invasions of privacy.

We know that X-rays are a no-no during pregnancy, so what are women to do, when they have to board a flight or have to undergo a full body scanner at some other checkpoint?

Well the Transportation Security Administration, the airport security agency are required to offer pat down searches to those who decline to go through these full body scanners, for whatever reason.

And people, including pregnant women are entitled to demand this. They are supposed to give the option of a pat down search for those who cannot or are unwilling to go through the scanner.


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