Smart Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

About 70% of all pregnant women get faced with pregnancy back pain. Although this is something more than annoying, you should know that there are some things that you could do about it.

It is caused by the pressure that your belly puts on your back, and it usually appears in the second and third trimester.

Good posture and pregnancy back ache

Since you have a big belly your center of gravity shifts. In many cases the lower back gets pulled forward, affecting the muscles of the back and causing pain.

To have the right posture you should roll the shoulders back and lift your rib cage. Then contract the muscles of the belly and position the hips.

Pregnancy Back PainTo get rid of pregnancy pain in the back make sure that your ears are in line with your shoulders and have your knees slightly bent. Try to maintain this position.

Extensions of the lower back

Normally the muscles of the abdomen and the back work together to maintain the body posture.

Pregnancy ache in the back appears because the ab muscles loosen and the back muscles have to do all the work. If you make some extensions, the job of the muscles becomes a lot easier.

To do extensions you should get on your knees and hands. To get rid of the back pain of pregnant women extend your left arm and right leg.

Contract the muscles of the abdomen and hold position for a while. Perform the exercise on both sides.

Prenatal yoga

In case you are faced with pregnancy back pain, this is something that could help you. Yoga will relax you and tone the affected muscles of your body.

Almost all of the poses of yoga involve the muscles of the back and so it becomes an effective kind of exercise to engage the back muscles.

If you can’t participate at a yoga class to relieve the back ache of pregnant women then you should practice the child pose at home. Get down on your knees with the feet slightly apart.

Sit on the heels and extend your arms until your chin touches the floor. You could hold position for a longer period of time.

Pelvic tilts

This is an exercise that could help with expecting women’s back pain. They work though strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Although these relax, in case you tone them, you could help the back muscles. To get into the pose, get on your knees and hands with the elbows slightly bent and with the back flat.

To make the expecting women’s back ache better, contract the ab muscles and twist your pelvis for the tailbone to point towards the floor. Hold the position and then release. You could also be on your back or against a wall and practice the same hold and rock movement.


This may be the best way to make the back pain of expecting women better. There are numerous clinics that have pools for such purposes to help the patients with pregnancy back pain.


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