Pregnancy Classes – Which Ones to Choose

According to the area that you are living in, you can find different kinds of pregnancy classes that will have something different to offer.

Before you sign up for one of them you should make sure to do as much research as you can to be sure that the class offers everything you need.

Information on childbirth classes

All the classes use different techniques, so if you would like to give birth without an epidural, for instance, look for an instructor that teaches alternative techniques of coping with pain. On the other hand, if you would like to have an epidural don’t seek an instructor that is against drugs.

Pregnancy ClassesLamaze classes

The main point of this one of the childbirth classes is to increase the confidence of women according to which they can give birth in the natural way.

In order to achieve this goal, the women are taught different kinds of techniques of coping with pain, including the breathing techniques.

According to the Lamaze philosophy of the pregnancy classes, childbirth is natural, healthy and normal and women have the right to give birth the way they want to, without medication and routine interventions. Nonetheless the classes offer information about these as well.

Bradley method

This one of the childbirth classes suggests that childbirth is a natural process and if women have the right preparations they can avoid using pain medication and interventions during labor and childbirth. In this case, exercise and diet are very important and women also learn different techniques for coping with pain.

Hypnobirthing classes

These pregnancy classes are also known as the Mongan Method and they greatly rely on deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and visualization to make childbirth a pleasant experience. Although the method focuses on natural birth, the techniques can also be used by the mothers who require routine interventions.

ICEA classes

Some of the instructors holding childbirth classes are certified by the International Childbirth Education Association so that they have all the information needed by the future mothers. The main point is that there are no strict techniques taught, the contents of the classes depend greatly on the instructor.

What do the pregnancy classes teach?

Attending a class of this kind is a great way to prepare for labor and childbirth. In the majority of the cases, there are eight weekly sessions held that are made up by discussion, lectures, and exercises. The means could vary but the main goal is to minimize the fears of women and to offer them information.

As you could have seen in case of many childbirth classes the women learn different kinds of techniques to cope with pain and to relax. Usually the hospitals offer classes of this kind, but you could also find an organization or an independent instructor. The classes usually begin during the early pregnancy.

Now that you know what the pregnancy classes have to offer, you can choose whichever you think is appropriate for you and do your best to make childbirth a pleasant experience.


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