Pregnancy Fashion: Dos and Don’ts

Pregnancy is a time when most things seem to raise a doubt in the expectant mothers mind: can I do this without harming baby and what will happen to baby if I do that? We look at some common questions women ask about fashion and pregnancy:

Is Shapewear OK to use in Pregnancy?

You wonder if those tummy control panties and the butt smoothing underwear that you swear by are OK to use during pregnancy. According to experts, if you can get yourself into these when you’re pregnant, then there is no reason not to use them.

Pregnancy FashionIt is unlikely that a bit of overall coverage such as that could harm baby. But it could mean a very uncomfortable mother to be and some angry red welts at the end of the day. Consider using shape wear that is specially designed for pregnant women in the maternity section instead, they can help smooth out the lumps and even enhance comfort by offering support to the belly.

What about Underwire Bras in Pregnancy?

Again there is no reason to eschew these in pregnancy. It isn’t as if the underwires can harm baby in any way. Neither is there anything to suggest that blood circulation will be constricted or that there may be problems with breast feeding later.

The problem could arise when the belly is a lot larger and the underwire starts to push down and against it, causing discomfort; even pain. Also the increased breast size could mean that your normal size no longer fits you. Until such time however, there is no reason to shift to non-underwire bras; in fact they could offer some much needed extra support.

Are high heels OK in pregnancy?

Experts seem to be divided on this subject: while some opine that it is perfectly fine to wear high heels during pregnancy, others feel that it is OK not to be a fashion victim for a few months during pregnancy.

It is true that high heels can get uncomfortable as a pregnancy progresses. It can exacerbate back pain and leg cramps that may already be present. Further it increases a woman’s risk of falling since the growing belly alters the center of balance and a fall could harm a pregnancy.

To err on the side of caution rather than fashion, it is best to shift to flat shoes during the latter half of pregnancy, and give up even the wider, chunkier heels.


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