Pregnancy Movies – The Top 3 To Watch

A great pregnancy activity for a mom-to-be may be to curl up with a good movie. This may be a particularly good idea if you are trying to take it a little easy or if you have problems of swollen ankles which would require you to keep your feel elevated. Here are some fun, must watch movies if you haven’t seen them already:

Three men and a Baby: A delightful remake of a French movie featuring three hard partying bachelors who are stuck with the responsibility of a tiny infant one fine day.

father of the bride part IIA crash course in parenting is quickly taken before all three fall in love with their tiny charge.

Nine Months: Hugh Grant plays the child psychologist who is terrified of having any children himself. When his long time girlfriend played by Julianne Moore announces a pregnancy he dreads the changes fatherhood will bring, but has a change of heart when he sees his baby’s ultrasound.

Father of the Bride II: The inimitable Steve Martin finds himself in the unenviable predicament of impending fatherhood and grand fatherhood all together! First his daughter and son in law announce a pregnancy, and then soon, so does his own wife!


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