Pregnancy Pampering – What Expectant Dads Can Do

There is a lot of advice out there for pregnant women.

But what about expectant dads? What can they do and not do for their pregnant partners? How can they contribute to the process and make their partner feel better?

Pamper your pregnant partner

Not only will the pampering make a pregnant woman feel more comfortable and special, it can also help her partner feel that he is contributing to the process of pregnancy in his own way.

Pregnancy PamperingOne of the important things a partner can do for a pregnant woman is to tell her and reassure her that she is still beautiful; that her pregnancy has perhaps made her even more so! Make her feel treasured, loved and special.

Remember pregnant women can feel fat and unwieldy and unattractive during this time, and may need more reassurance.

Give her a foot massage. A foot massage can be great at any time, but for a pregnant woman it can be marvelous.

It will help ease aches and pains caused by carrying around the extra weight and also help reduce the problem of swollen ankles.

Leave her little notes or cards that tell her how special she is to you. Get her small, thoughtful gifts to show you care.

Make her a special meal or take her out for a special date – her favorite mock tails and dinner or a date at the movies.

Other tips to get more involved in the pregnancy

Take an interest in the pregnancy’s progress –  become informed and aware of the symptoms, the baby’s progress at that stage of the pregnancy and how to ease the discomforts that a woman can typically feel during a pregnancy.

Take special interests in what she eats and make sure that she eats healthy – in the interests of her own health as well as the future health of the baby.

Take over some of the cooking, shopping, cleaning and so on to make her feel special and also to ease some pregnancy symptoms. If she is feeling exhausted and sleepy, having back pain or swollen ankles, she will really appreciate this.

Also get involved in other baby related chores –  decorating the nursery, shopping for baby and so on. Learn about the rudiments of baby care in advance if possible: how to hold a new born, how to change a diaper, how to bottle feed a child, how to swaddle a small baby snugly and so on.


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