Pregnancy Skin Care and the Many Issues You Are Going to Face

It is always important to take care of yourself, especially during pregnancy. This also includes skin care, so you might be especially interested in pregnancy skin care. During this period you have to be more careful about the products that you use because there are some creams and lotions that have ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and that get into the bloodstream having a negative effect on the health of the baby.

Cleansing as pregnancy skin care

You should opt for a mild cleanser, preferably one that is a non-residue product or that has glycerin as one of the ingredients. In case you have dry skin, you should be using a cleanser that doesn’t have soap and that in the same time also acts as a moisturizer. In order to make sure that you skin won’t get too dry, you shouldn’t wash your face more than two times a day.

Pregnancy Skin CareSun protection and moisturizing as skin care during pregnancy

One of the most important items that you should have during your pregnancy is a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. During pregnancy the hormones support the pigment production and this is why you could have blotches on your face.

In order not to have skin discoloration, you should always have protection against the sun.If you know that you will be in direct sunlight, then pregnancy skin care also includes using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


It’s not only the artificial products that can help you with skin care during pregnancy but also good old fashioned sleep. In case you are very active and you don’t get enough rest you can be sure that the signs will appear on your skin too.

Spoil yourself

In this period you truly deserve some pampering, also as part of pregnancy skin care. You should go to a salon or spa to get a massage and a facial. This activity also goes hand in hand with relaxing. This way you can prepare yourself for the times when you won’t have so much free time anymore.


One of the most important parts of skin care during pregnancy is water. Make sure that you have enough of it and also keep in mind, that because of your condition you will need more than before.


Somehow your diet and water intake are closely connected, so you should also ensure that you have enough fruits and vegetables every day for a high level of pregnancy skin care.


This is a well-known problem during the teenage years, but you might get them while being pregnant even if you never had them before, especially during the first three months. There are many products for skin care during pregnancy that you could use, but before you start using them, have a talk with your doctor to make sure that you don’t do more harm than good.

There are numerous different problems that you may face and this is why you need quality pregnancy skin care.


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