Pregnancy Sleeping Positions – Some Dos and Don’ts

Pregnancy sleeping positions are an important factor to consider for reasons of the baby’s wellbeing as well as to get as comfortable as possible at an uncomfortable time.

While it is important to sleep in positions that are best for the baby’s wellbeing it is also important to get as comfortable as possible, because good quality rest is important for an expectant mother to get.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions Don’ts

pregnancy sleeping positionsWomen may have to sacrifice some of their favorite sleeping positions for the duration of the pregnancy in the interests of the baby’s as well as their own wellbeing.

Sleeping on the belly is of course not a good idea during pregnancy, for obvious reasons and is also uncomfortable if not actually impossible in the later stages.

Also lying on the back, particularly as your pregnancy progresses and the baby grows larger, is also not a good idea. This is because the entire weight of the uterus is placed on the back and on major blood vessels which may get constricted.

This can be dangerous because the large vein or vena cava that carries blood from the lower body to the heart may become constricted. If you must lie on your back for a while then prop up your body with some pillows so as not to put pressure on those areas of the back and the blood vessels.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions Dos

One of the best pregnancy sleeping positions is lying on the left side. This helps the blood flow in the most optimal way to the mother’s body as well as the uterus and the baby. Even the right side is OK is that makes you more comfortable.

Consider getting some extra support pillows or even a specially designed pillow for pregnant women or a pregnancy pillow that will give support to the entire body including the back and the belly for more comfort and better sleep quality.

Or you can use several separate pillows – one under the head, one behind the back, another between legs and yet another to support the belly; whatever works to make you comfortable and to get that restful sleep.

If you are not comfortable on a regular bed, consider sleeping on a recliner or similar piece of furniture to get comfortable and get a good night’s rest. This is one of the pregnancy sleeping positions which make for less acidity or heart burn.

Consider doing relaxing activities such as mediation to help you de-stress and sleep better. Take regular exercise so that your body is able to sleep better at night, but make sure that this sleep is not very close to bed time.

Take a warm bath or engage in soothing rather than stimulating activity to lull yourself to more restful sleep. Also to make sure that acidity of heartburn doesn’t keep you awake at night so make sure not to eat any meals close to bedtime, to give yourself time to digest your food.

Take the chance to nap whenever you can – all the rest that you get, even if it is during the day time or at odd hours, will add up.

If leg cramps are a problem for you, avoid them by doing some gentle stretching exercises before doing to bed. Doing pelvic tilts are also recommended by some experts. Follow these simple pregnancy sleeping positions for a smooth pregnancy.



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