Pregnancy Tips For The Single Mother

There are several reasons why a woman may find herself pregnant and single: she may choose to be single and have a baby on her own; feeling the march of time and her biological clock ticking. On the other hand the pregnancy could be an accident which she decides is right for her nevertheless.

Or, it could be reasons such as being divorced or widowed or several other reasons that could be the reason for single motherhood. Whatever the reason, there is no need for the single expectant mom to be fearful or overwhelmed at the prospect though the feelings are not at all unnatural.

Talk to your parents and people closest to you: This could be a decision that causes bewilderment, concern and even anger among some of your near and dear ones. This is understandable; so take the time and make the effort to explain your decision and your point of view to them. This is your best bet if you are counting on support and help later.

It’s OK to admit you need help and to accept it: Sure it’s your baby; you are able to do what it takes but remember that this is a big task. If help is offered, accept graciously. If help is needed, ask for it; you may be surprised at how willing people are to help.

Read up and be informed: There is nothing as scary as the fear of the unknown. So make sure that you are fully informed about the birthing process, aches and pains that you may expect, and ways to relive pregnancy discomforts etc. This way you know what to expect and what to do about it.

Connect with other singles or join a support group: There are many online resources that one can join in order to find support for being a single parent. These groups or forums can be a source of tips, encouragement, and valuable information for a single parent. For instance, the Parents without Partners website offers information about the different chapters of their organization. They offer single parents and their children opportunities for “personal growth, self confidence and sensitivity towards others by offering an environment of support friendship and exchange of parenting techniques.”

The Single Parent Network as well is a useful resource for sharing web sites, articles, books, friendships and support. Even feelings of loneliness, anger or just a bad mood could be alleviated by just talking to others who are undergoing the same as you!


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