Pregnant? Don’t Wear Heels

High heels may well up your glam quotient, and make you appear taller and slimmer with longer legs, but they may not be the best idea when you’re pregnant, warn experts.

Leading chiropodists and podiatrists are saying that wearing high heels during pregnancy puts you feet at risk and is unsuitable footwear for this time.

According to Lorraine Jones, from the U.K.-based Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, women may want to wear fashionable footwear but this could end up causing strain to the ankles, ligaments and long term damage to the feet.

It isn’t just the weight gain and the hormonal changes that a woman’s body undergoes during a pregnancy, but also the other physical changes that make heels unsuitable for pregnant women.

The ligaments and muscles stretch and soften because of hormonal changes which make them more prone to strain and damage on a daily basis. Swollen ankles, arch and heel pain are common complaints among expectant moms.

It is recommended that pregnant women use footwear with a strap, laces or Velcro and a heel height of 1.2 inches, which is preferable to high heels and which also helps alleviate the common foot related problems during pregnancy.


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