Pregnant In Summer? Ways To Beat The Heat

As the mercury touches even higher degrees this summer, the pregnant women are likely to be the ones suffering the most from the heat. While there is something to be said for delivering babies in summer (apparently babies born in summer are more likely to have a sunnier disposition) but for the mommy to be it could get very uncomfortable indeed. Here are some tips for pregnant women to remain cool this summer:

  1. Drink lots of water, to keep yourself hydrated and your body temperature down.
  2. Shop for baby; or at least window shop. Gentle exercise in A/c malls may be just the thing for cooling you down!
  3. Don’t go for the spicy treats. Hot foods and spices are known to raise the body temperature.
  4. Make good use of the baby bath while you wait for junior to arrive. Fill it up with cold water and have yourself a nice foot soak.
  5. Go topless around the house to keep cool and if some sex results from that, so much the better! It’ll speed up baby just a tad!
  6. Take it easy and ask for help. A heavily pregnant woman is not one that a person can easily say no to!


  1. I have read your tips and i must say these tips are very nice and can give a big help for pregnant women to beat the heat.Thanks for the great tips..


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