Prenatal Music – What It May Be Good For?

While there is no consensus in the medical community about there being any positive impact of music on an unborn child, there are many who believe that exposing a baby to music while still in the womb is very positive for the child.

It is recommended that classical music in particular is very beneficial for unborn babies to listen to. It is said to have the following benefits:

  • It is said to relax the baby. It could also relax the mother who can also listen to the music and enjoy it. During birth it can be a method of pain management.
  • It is said to aid intellectual development of the baby. There is some evidence to support the claim that those babies, who are made to listen to music when in the womb, may have better brain development and may even be more intelligent later in life.
  • Some even claim that the babies who were listening to music while in the womb may have better emotional development.
  • Womb music exposure for baby is also claimed to be responsible for enhanced sensory development.

And who knows this is a trick you can use to make sure that your baby grows up with rather better taste in music later in life as well?


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