Reading To Your Unborn Baby

We do know that a baby can hear fairly well when still in the womb; many women will testify to feeling their unborn baby being startled at a sudden loud sound.

While many question the wisdom of what really amounts to reading to your own stomach, it has in fact been seen that it can be beneficial to a child and its development if a parent starts to talk to it, read to it and sing to it while still in the mother’s womb.

An unborn baby develops hearing the mother’s voice constantly; which becomes the most familiar sound in the world for it; something that baby will start to recognize soon after birth as well.reading book

It has been seen that when a particular story is read to a baby while still in the womb, the baby can get used to and familiarize itself with the sounds, rhythms and cadences of that story and may find it soothing and calming even after birth.

Similarly singing to an unborn baby can also be beneficial; since the baby will learn to recognize the song and enjoy it; finding its soothing familiarity a comfort that can be helpful in calming a baby and making it settle for a nap.


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