Tips and Suggestion for Road Travelling During Pregnancy

Traveling by a car can be more convenient than traveling by a bus or train or flying when you are pregnant. It gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you like and start and stop whenever you want to. Many women think that it is unsafe to travel by car during pregnancy but that is a misconception.

It is absolutely fine to travel by car or for that matter travel on the road when you are pregnant. Below given are few tips and suggestions that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you have a comfortable journey on the road:

tips for road travelling during pregnancy

  • If you are traveling by bus, then reconfirm your bookings before leaving the house and also reconfirm the route. Try to book a seat beside the window or at a location that would be convenient for you to move around if needed.
  • Sitting for long periods can cause your feet and ankles to swell and cause cramps. Take a break after every 90 minutes (this holds true even if you are not driving yourself) though you might need to stop more often for the toilet. Walk for few minutes and do the relaxing stretches for knees and waist at least twice. IT gives enough relief.
  • In order to prevent cramps, stop somewhere safe where you can walk around and do some stretching exercises. When you are sitting or standing, you can stretch your calf muscles by simply extending your leg and flexing your foot gently. Wiggle your toes and rotate your ankles when you are sitting.
  • Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Do not overload your car with luggage apart from the necessities and try and travel light. Use trolley bags as much as possible to avoid carrying heavy load in hands.
  • Avoid travelling in the first trimester, especially during morning hours as morning sickness might be bothersome. You can have light snacks at regular intervals and some mouth freshening herbs to avoid vomiting tendency.
  • Some women get backaches while sitting in the car for a long time and if you feel the same; you can place a cushion at your back to take support.
  • Load your car with a lot of healthy drinks and snacks so that you can nibble throughout the journey. Some of things that you can carry are fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, dried fruits, nuts and the like. This would prevent you from eating out. Also make sure of carrying your own water from home.
  • It is better to let someone else drive, during the last few months of your pregnancy as the growing bump would make it difficult for you in get in and get out of the driver’s seat.
  • Make sure that you wear your seatbelts and this is something that you should always do no matter whether you are pregnant or not. It would protect both you and your baby.

The above given tips will help you to enjoy a relaxed road travel even during the tiresome months of pregnancy.


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