Safe Hair Removal Methods During Pregnancy

Maybe you have heard that during pregnancy your hair will be soft and beautiful, but hardly anyone has told you that you will have new hair on the chin and upper lip. Do not worry, this is completely normal and be happy, because it is temporary.

Hair removal during pregnancy is something normal, so you shouldn’t be afraid to do it. Here are few tips which methods of hair removal are safe for you.

Hair Removal Methods During PregnancyThe hair usually increases during the first trimester of pregnancy and it is due to an increase in the level of the Androgyny hormone.

Sometimes, pregnant women notice new hair on their chest, arms, legs or back. Getting rid of the unwanted hair is easy.

Do it simple by using tweezers and shave. Shaving also should be done very carefully, because your skin is more sensitive than before, so use shaving foam and give a massage to the area you want to shave.

The experts do not recommend hair bleaching and using depilatory creams, because they contain chemical ingredients, which may be absorbed into the skin.

Their effects on the fetus are still unclear, so try to avoid the hair removal creams at this time.

The depilatory hair removal creams are soy-based, which means they contain plant hormones, so it is advisable to not use this method. A controversial issue is the use of the epilator. It is believed that the pain can cause unwanted contractions.

Therefore, don’t use any methods that cause pain. Keep in mind that you can use laser and electrolysis too, but consult about it with your doctor. If they cause discomfort, better don’t go for them.

It is good that you want to stay beautiful during your pregnancy but remember that your body is home to a new life which might not agree with the pain.


  1. I have heard different things about whether it is safe or not to use hair removal creams when pregnant. I think the consensus is that there hasn’t been enough research done on this.

    I just wondered if anyone else is using them or if you are steering clear?


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