Safe Skin Care During Pregnancy – Dos And Don’ts

Safe skin care during pregnancy is what many pregnant women are concerned about. While many women seem to be the archetypal bloomers in pregnancy and find that their skin never looked better, others are troubled by acne, spots, the mask of pregnancy, excessive oiliness and other skin problems.

safe skin care during pregnancyWith these skin problems being common during pregnancy, skin care during pregnancy can be a challenge, particularly since at the back of the mind one is always thinking if a particular product is safe for use during pregnancy.

So when it comes to safe skin care during pregnancy and while breast feeding keep the following in mind –

  • Skin care products containing Retinoid a kind of Vitamin A can be an effective anti wrinkle ingredient however it is best avoided by pregnant women for safe skin care during pregnancy, since high levels of Vitamin A during pregnancy are seen to be associated with certain birth defects. Though this excess of vitamin A cannot usually be caused by reasonable topical application of the cream is best to discontinue application during pregnancy. Look out for terms such as tazorac, Retin –A Accutane etc.
  • Salicylic Acid is generally a treatment used for treating acne etc. and it comes in different forms such as BHA, or beta hydroxy acid (which are used for exfoliation etc.) Excess of this ingredient is also known to be associated with birth defects. However again, topical application of a cream that contains small proportions of the ingredient will not be harmful. Rather stay away from chemical peels that contain salicylic acid etc.
  • Acne is a common problem during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and if you want to use anti acne face wash make sure you use one that has no more than 2% salicylic acid. It is best to clear any anti acne gels, lotions and creams with your doctor before using. Any oral products should be steered clear of if you want safe skin care during pregnancy.
  • Soy products, although generally safe to use during pregnancy may end up worsening certain pregnancy skin conditions such as Chloasma. So look for products with ‘Active Soy’ which may be better because they have the estrogenic elements removed from it.
  • Hair removers are also generally safe to use during pregnancy and need not be excluded from your skin care during pregnancy as long as you use them as directed. The chemicals are not usually absorbed by the blood stream and will not have any negative impact on the baby.
  • Some safe products that you have been using in the past may cause allergic reactions in pregnancy since skin becomes more sensitive during this time. So discontinue use at this time is possible.
  • Sun screens are generally safe to use during pregnancy as well.
  • Look for non-comodogenic products that don’t clog pores when it comes to make up. It may be a good idea to shift to mineral make up at this time. Just remember to look for salicylic acid and retinoid as ingredients and steer clear of those just to be extra careful.
  • If you have any doubts about safe skin care during pregnancy, it is best to clear this with your health care provider.


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