Second Pregnancy – What to Expect

Although you might think that a second pregnancy doesn’t have anything new to offer, you can be sure that there will be some new feelings, both mentally and physically. Most probably you will experience the changes a lot sooner than during the previous pregnancy and you will also feel the fetal movements earlier.

What to expect when being a second time mother?

This means that you have already had a child. If this is the case, then most probably the Braxton Hicks contractions will appear more often and also they might be more painful than before. This usually occurs during the later stages of the pregnancy. Although you think that there are many downsides, think about the fact that you already know what to expect.

Second PregnancyDifferences when experiencing second time motherhood

At the first pregnancy, women spend a lot of time thinking about their condition and also preparing for motherhood. Since you already have a child you may feel like you are more distant from your pregnancy. This is something normal and it doesn’t mean that you will love this child less.

During the second pregnancy, most probably your partner will also have a different approach. Although before, the situation was new for him as well, parenthood is already something familiar, and so he will be less interested in the pregnancy. Nonetheless he won’t love less the new baby.

What you could do when being a mom for the second time?

In order to become more involved emotionally and to be attached to the little one, you should take some childbirth classes, even if you attended them before. In some cases women get anxious about childbirth exactly because they know what to expect.

It is possible that during your second pregnancy you will learn some new things. Women say this because they seem to be more open to alternative options than they have been before. This is because they know that labor isn’t something absolutely predictable.

When being a multip it is a good idea to take a class of this kind, because maybe this is what you and your partner need to spend some time together and to focus on the new baby as well, while caring for the other child.

Emotional aspects

When you are having your second pregnancy you may think that you won’t have enough love for both of the children. Although it is true that there is nothing like the arrival of your first born, don’t forget that the new baby is also unique, with special talents and characteristics.

If you are thinking about being a multip keep in mind that you don’t have a limited amount of love to offer. The love of a mother is infinite, so this isn’t something you should be worried about. You just take your time, and in the end you will fall in love with the baby, just like you did with the first one.

As you can see a second pregnancy isn’t exactly as you thought it would be, and maybe it is even better.


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