Facts a Future Mom Should Know About Signs of Dehydration and Pregnancy

It is common for women to experience the signs of dehydration and pregnancy if they have

problems with morning sickness or they have a busy schedule and they simply don’t have the time or they forget to drink water. During this time you have to consider not only your needs but also the needs of the baby.

Signs of Dehydration and Pregnancy


It is good to know that pregnant women could have headaches because of the hormonal changes, but dehydration can also cause this symptom. Before you start taking any medication or you document headaches as a sign of pregnancy, you should make sure that you are properly hydrated.

Urine output

When it comes to the symptoms of dehydration and pregnancy it is good to know that since you have a higher blood volume and the uterus is pressing against your bladder, you have to go to the bathroom more often. If you start having fewer bathroom trips, pass less urine or have urine with a strong smell and dark color, it means that you are dehydrated.

Blood pressure

As one of the signs of dehydration and pregnancy, you could have low blood pressure. Since you have little fluids in your system, it is just natural that you will have less blood. You might feel the effects, such as faintness or dizziness especially when you change positions.


If you experience the dehydration and pregnancy symptoms it means that the oxytocin level of the blood increases. This is a chemical that is produced by the body of pregnant women and that makes the uterus contract. It is common for pregnant women to have premature labor because of dehydration.

The women who notice the signs of dehydration and pregnancy like preterm labor and contractions are taken to the hospital and they are given IV fluids. In many cases these make the contractions stop and there will be no need for any other treatments.

Dry skin and lips

In case you are thinking about the dehydration symptoms and pregnancy you should know that if you become dehydrated, your skin and lips will become dry. The skin is the largest organ and it needs fluids to be able to work properly. If your lips are dry, you might want to have a higher fluid intake.

It is possible to see some other signs of dehydration and pregnancy as well so make sure you have enough water during the day to avoid them.


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