Ways to Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy and Positions to Avoid

During the time of pregnancy, you may find yourself being disturbed on most nights because of being unable to find that perfect position to sleep in. The regular sleeping positions may no longer be allowed or may not be very comfortable at this time and thus getting used to new positions may be discomforting. So to help you out, we have listed the best ways to sleep comfortable during pregnancy and also what all positions must be avoided.

sleep comfortably during pregnancy and positions to avoidBest Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy:

The best sleeping position during those nine months is termed as SOS which stands for sleep on side. Infact it is considered best if you sleep on your left side because this helps to increase the blood supply as well as the nutrients passage to the baby through the placenta. To settle comfortably in this position, you can keep your knees as well as your legs bent and also try putting a pillow in between the legs.

  • For those pregnant women who are experiencing back pain, the SOS position works well but you can also try putting a pillow under the abdomen area as well.
  • Some pregnant women may also experience heartburn during the night time and for them, propping the upper body with pillows might prove like a great idea.
  • In the later stages of pregnancy, many of you may experience shortness of breath and to deal with this during night while sleeping, you can try lying on the side or in a position where you are propped up with pillows.

If you are one of those people who are used to sleeping on their stomach or back, sleeping on the side may not seem very comfortable, atleast initially but trying for a few nights might do the trick. Also, it is important to remember that changing positions in the night is absolutely okay.

Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, there are many positions that one must avoid sleeping in during pregnancy as these may not prove good for the baby or for you. Even if you are used to sleeping in them, you and your partner must make sure that these positions are totally avoided:

  • Sleeping on your back-sleeping on your back during pregnancy can lead to a many problems including back-aches, difficulty in breathing, digestive problems, problem of low blood pressure, decrease in the supply of blood to the baby as well as to you heart and many others. These problems arise because in this position, the abdomen rests on the intestines and also on some of the major blood vessels like vena cava and aorta.
  • Sleeping on your stomach-this is the most dangerous position to sleep in at the time of pregnancy and must be avoided. Not only is it difficult to lie or sleep in this position, but it also creates problems for the baby. Infact, in the later months of the pregnancy, lying on the stomach is totally not allowed.

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