Evaluating the Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

In many cases women have problems with sleeping during pregnancy because they simply cannot find a comfortable spot.

This is why they are seeking sleeping positions during pregnancy that allow them to get comfortable and rest. The bad news is that the regular positions don’t work in this period.

Pregnancy sleep and comfortable positions

Why are you uncomfortable with the majority of the sleeping positions while being pregnant?

Sleeping Positions During PregnancyKeep in mind that during pregnancy the body of women goes through major changes. These affect both your sleeping pattern and the positions you can actually sleep in.

One of the reasons for this is that your abdomen increases considerably in size. Also you may have to deal with back pain.

Some of the sleeping positions while being pregnant are uncomfortable because women are affected by heartburn or shortness of breath. The pregnancy hormones could lead to insomnia as well.

What positions to opt for?

The best sleeping positions during pregnancy include the one known as SOS or sleep on side. It is even more advisable to sleep on the left side. This is way the volume of nutrients and blood reaching the placenta and the baby increases during your sleep.

Regarding sleeping positions while being pregnant, it is a good idea to keep your knees and legs bent. If you are affected by back pain you could assume the SOS position and have some pillows under you abdomen.

The women having problems with heartburn should use pillows, too. When it comes to sleeping positions during pregnancy that can avoid problems like heartburn, you should have some pillows under your upper body.

As the pregnancy progresses, you may be affected by shortness of breath. In this case you should lie on your side and prop yourself up with pillows.

These sleeping positions while being pregnant may not seem the most comfortable especially in case you used to sleep on your abdomen or back but if you try them you will see that they really work. Another thing to remember is not to be in the same position all night; make a change from time to time.

What positions to avoid?

If you want to avoid bad sleeping positions during pregnancy, you should make sure that you don’t lie on your back because it could make the backache even worse. You could also be affected by digestive system issues, breathing problems, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids and decrease of blood circulation.

All these problems are caused by inappropriate sleeping position while being pregnant because your belly puts pressure on the intestines and it also partially blocks numerous major veins such as the vena cava and the aorta.

Sleeping on your belly is another bad idea regarding sleeping positions during pregnancy. The reason for this is quite obvious: during your pregnancy the belly goes through different physical changes that make it almost impossible for you to lie on it. If you are used to sleeping in such positions it is best to start getting used to another one even before you get pregnant.


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