Sleeping Positions To Ease Discomfort During The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a multitude of emotions in the first trimester; from excitement to fear, joy to denial and many others.

The second trimester is more of acceptance until the third trimester comes along; with its new challenges due to fear of the unknown for first time moms and the fatigue as a result of lack of sleep.

sleeping position during pregnancySleep problem is very common during the last trimester because of the growing fetus pushing hard on the internal organs, causing a lot of discomfort.

Shortness of breath is one, back pain is another and frequent urination often times disrupts sleep. If you tend to over eat at night you may also suffer from heartburn and insomnia.

To manage sleep problems at night, one solution is for you to find a suitable position where you will be most comfortable but, will not disrupt the oxygen flow to your baby. Here are some of them:

  • The best position is on your left lateral side or some refer to this as the “SOS” or sleep on your side position. This is the best position because it ensures the efficient return of blood into your heart making you and your baby’s circulation with enough oxygen supply.To do this lie on your left side with the left leg slightly straightened and the right leg flexed. Place one pillow between your legs and get another one and place it under your tummy.
  • Another position you can try especially if you are having heartburn is to lie on your back with two pillows on your head and another one on top of it that supports your shoulder and your back; making it appear like you are in a moderate sitting position.This way your airway is kept clear and the uterus not putting so much pressure on your diaphragm preventing difficulty of breathing.
  • Another one is a modified position of both positions; lie on your left side with 2 pillows on your head so that you are on your left side but also in an upright position.

It is however important to note that you cannot stay in just one position all night because you need to keep your circulation rotating otherwise some areas will not get enough oxygen and may give you either a tingling sensation or the condition called supine hypotension syndrome, making you feel dizzy and nauseated when you suddenly stand up after lying down for a long time.

The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists does not specify a particular position during sleep but, recommends the most appropriate and most comfortable for the pregnant woman.

Besides, it becomes natural for a pregnant woman to find a comfortable position as a common response to pregnancy.


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