Smoking Weed While Pregnant – A Big No No

When thinking about smoking weed while pregnant you should know that marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. The leaves are gathered and dried. After this they are placed into a pipe or are rolled into a cigarette. Although it has some health benefits, there are also different problems that it could cause.

Impaired fetal growth and smoking weed during pregnancy

According to official information, smoking weed can lead to the growth impairment of the baby. The babies that are smaller at birth than they should be have higher risks of being affected by different diseases and they also have higher chances of death than the babies who have a normal birth weight.

Smoking Weed While Pregnant

In the same time it is also possible that the mothers who were smoking marijuana while pregnant will have babies whose organs aren’t fully developed upon birth. Also they could also have other health problems because of the drug. The babies could be born prematurely too.

Decreased length of pregnancy

Smoking marijuana during pregnancy can make the pregnancy stop earlier than it should so the baby may be born too soon. As a result the baby could have birth defects and it may be exposed to opportunistic infections. During this time the immune system of the babies isn’t well developed enough.

Symptoms of withdrawal

If the mother is smoking pot while pregnant, the substance can also reach the baby and as a result the little one could become dependent of it. After birth the baby could show signs of withdrawal. He or she simply can’t deal with not getting the drug. The symptoms include irritability and poor sleeping habits.

There are also some other signs if the mother was smoking pot during pregnancy. These include the excessive crying from the baby’s part and the little one could also tremble. The signs are similar to the withdrawal symptoms that adults experience regarding marijuana.

Deficits of attention

The babies whose mothers were smoking weed while pregnant could have problems with paying attention for longer periods of time during their childhood. As a result later the children could be affected by ADHD. Children could also have problems with their memory.

State regulation

According to the official information the babies whose mothers were smoking weed during pregnancy have an increased sensitivity to stimulation and they have poor sleep patterns. Because of this the children find it difficult to sleep and to relax.

The children of mothers who were smoking marijuana while pregnant could fall asleep, but they are awakened by the slightest sounds. This problem is known as ‘state regulation’. The babies find it difficult to adapt to their environment when they don’t have any marijuana in their organism.

As you can see smoking pot while pregnant isn’t such a good idea. It’s not only about your health, but it also affects the health of the baby and for sure that’s something that you don’t want to damage. All women want their children to have a start as good as possible in life.


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