Some Pregnancy Myths You Probably Did Not Know About

Pregnancy myths abound, but there are some which are rather better known than others. Have you heard of these and are they true?

  • If you took a while to get pregnant, you’re having a boy. Not always true but if had a hard time conceiving due to thick cervical mucus, then it is likely you’re having a boy. The male sperm swim better in thick mucus!
  • pregnancy mythsUse saliva as a lubricant to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

    This one is a myth, because saliva kills sperm as so a lot of lubricants and massage oils. It is best not to use anything at all if you are trying to get pregnant.

  • Laptop use is bad for a man’s sperm production. This is true, because using a laptop while holding it in the lap, causes the area to become warm which is bad for sperm. So laptop use is bad for a man’s swimmers for the same reason as tight underwear!
  • Men don’t have a biological clock. This one is false. Though women have a much easier to read and easier to feel biological clock men have one too. As a woman’s egg quality can deteriorate over time, so can a man’s sperm quality. Though men may be able to contribute to baby making till quite late in life, the quantity as well as quality does indeed go down.


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