Some Pregnancy Myths

When pregnant, a woman is inundated not only with a bunch of confusing advice but also will hear some of the strangest of pregnancy myths like this:

Determining the sex: This is an old favorite: if the heartbeat is faster it’s a girl, if the stomach is high and bigger towards the top it’s a girl and so on. It is genetics and the mother’s musculature that determine the shape; the ultrasound is the only way to determine the sex.

Eating for two: This is another of the favorites; particularly with the old timers. The fact is that a pregnant woman needs just about 300 extra calories a day to meet the surplus requirement.pregnancy

Stretch marks can be prevented: Not true. All the creams and lotions in the world will not prevent them. They are mostly determined by the kind of skin a woman has which depends on her genes.

Rest: Women are told to take it easy, rest a lot, stay off their feet. However, if a pregnancy is normal, it is important to stay as active as possible, while listening to your body if it needs more rest at times. An active pregnancy usually means an easier birth.


  1. Great myths on pregnancy.I loved reading of the pregnancy myth i would like to add is never lie on your back to exercise.Thanks!


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