Strange Pregnancy Facts You Should Know

Yes, we all know about the morning sickness, the tiredness, the lack of interest in sex (or the exact opposite!) and so on, which are among the more common facts relating to pregnancy. But here are some le

1. Rarely a pregnancy can last for a year. While a vast majority of pregnancies last for about 9 months or 40 weeks, in very rare cases they do last longer.

The longest ever pregnancy was 375 days but the amazing thing was that the child was just about 7 pounds at birth!

Strange Pregnancy Facts2. You may poop during childbirth – this one alas is rather common, so if you’re worried about what the hospital staff will think, don’t! They have seen it all before! With all of the pushing and the baby putting pressure on the anal sphincter, this is only normal.

3. Your sense of smell gets better. Some of the queasiness about certain foods, and nausea could be due to a heightened sense of smell and taste that are part of pregnancy.

The theory is that this is nature’s way of making the mother-to-be more wary about what she eats, lest she consumes something harmful.

4. The contractions will not stop after the baby arrives. Firstly there is the placenta to expel and even for some days after the birth, the contractions, albeit much milder, will continue.

These contractions are what will help the uterus go back to its normal size and to prevent too much blood loss.

5. Your feet may grow up to one shoe size! The feet tend to swell because of water retention, due to relaxed body ligaments, and so on.

6. The dad to be may have very real sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, including weight gain, cramps, morning sickness and even mood swings!


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