Strange Stuff Expecting Mothers Should Know

Although there are some well-known facts regarding pregnancy, there are also some aspects that the majority of the expecting mothers don’t know and that could come as a surprise to them. In order to be fully prepared for your pregnancy, you should find out about these aspects.

Expecting Mothers

Being pregnant for a year and new mothers

It is believed that a pregnancy lasts for 9 months. After 42 weeks the doctors induce labor for the baby to be born. However up to now the longest pregnancy lasted for 372 days and the baby wasn’t as big as you would expect. Now this puts being a few weeks late into a whole new perspective.

Male babies

Usually the pregnant women don’t like to think about the fact that their little boys will have erections, but you have to know that it is possible for the baby boys to have erections in the womb. Even more, the babies of both sexes are believed to masturbate while they are still in the womb.


The mothers that are new don’t really want to think about getting stitches in their genital area, but in many cases these are needed after childbirth. About 90% of all women have some degree of vaginal tearing after birth. Sometimes there is need for only a few stitches and a little care.


This isn’t something pleasant to talk about for women who are pregnant, but you have to be prepared for the fact that during childbirth you could expel the contents of your bowels. This is because the muscles you use to push the baby are the same as the muscles used during bowel movements.

Pregnancy glow

Although the expectant women think that it’s just an expression that they glow, the truth is that glowing skin is something real in case of pregnant women. This is because the amount of blood in the women’s body increases by 50%. This change will be visible on the skin.

Sense of smell

It is a known fact that women who are expecting have a heightened sense of smell and sense of taste. This is believed to have the purpose of preventing mothers of eating any spoiled food or anything else that could be dangerous. Maybe this is why women can’t stand smoke, coffee and alcohol.


Some of the new mommies think that the contractions will stop right after birth. The truth is that these contractions don’t stop because this is the body’s way of preventing bleeding. However if you give birth at a hospital you will have a lot of drugs in your system so most probably you won’t even feel them.

Eating for two and mommies who are new

This is a myth that a lot of expectant mothers believe. You don’t actually have to eat for two. In fact, during the first trimester you don’t need any extra calories. The need for extra calorie intake starts during the second trimester and in this period you need only 300 extra calories.



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