Suggestions for Exercises and Sports During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most cherished phase in the life of a woman. When a lady is expecting a baby she is responsible for two lives- hers and her baby’s. She has to take care of both the lives together. As there is a small sapling growing inside the woman’s womb, there are various limitations for a woman while she is expecting.

Though she has to take good care of herself and also has to maintain certain body weight but still all kinds of sports are never advisable for a pregnant woman to indulge in. There are various physical activities and sports which a pregnant woman should avoid during her pregnancy. The following is a list of the suggestions for exercises and sports during pregnancy:

exercises and sports during pregnancy

Yoga- The Best form of Exercise

Yoga is the best form of exercise for expectant mothers. But only certain poses are recommended because the others can make the body gravity of the woman shift because of the increasing belly. Thus special care has to be taken regarding the poses to be performed during pregnancy.

Under the Guidance of an Expert

One should always exercise under an expert’s guidance. There are various exercise and yoga instructors these days who teach proper prenatal care to the mothers. It is always safer to exercise under supervision so that any medical issues or emergencies can be handled in time

Swimming- Highly Recommended

Swimming is also a very good form of exercise during pregnancy. If the mother is a good swimmer, then swimming is highly recommended. It is the best form of exercise for a mother in any trimester. But one should not try to learn swimming during the time of pregnancy. It is advisable only if she is an ace swimmer.

Warm-up Before Every Session

Warm- up is very essential before starting any form of exercises. It triggers off all the muscles in the body and helps to build up the heart rate. It helps the mother from getting her muscles strained and avoids any kind of muscular aches that can arouse post workout.

Avoid Strenuous Sports

Sports where there are risks of falling down while playing like tennis, cricket, and football should be avoided by a pregnant woman. High-impact sports like horse riding, football, baseball are also big no-no. These sports are dangerous for a pregnant woman as they can cause disbalance the mother and can make her fall on the ground, creating a great impact on the stomach.

Proper Clothes While Exercising

Workout clothes are also very important to consider while exercising. Loose fitting clothes are advisable and cottons are always recommended because they let the skin breathe properly and also absorb sweat from the body. Sneakers are always better for the expectant mothers while engaging themselves in any physical activity. They might experience some swelling in their feet during pregnancy and if something like this happens then it is always advisable to buy a new pair of shoes.

Thus keeping the above points into consideration, you can have safe pregnancy with healthy workout.


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