Swelling During Pregnancy and Remedies

Although the pregnant belly is really cute, women often have to look for swelling during pregnancy remedies.

The truth is that this problem is really common. The new mothers can experience an edema, meaning the swelling of the ankles, hands and feet. This isn’t a big problem, because after a while you won’t be able to see your feet anyway.

swelling during pregnancy remedies

Take a break

Keep in mind that the longer periods of time you spend standing on your feet, the more swollen your feet will become. The best thing you could do is to sit down from time to time and elevate your feet. Nobody has a better excuse to put up their feet than you.

Keep it moving

Although you might think that the swelling remedies when being pregnant have nothing to do with exercise, you should know that in some cases this is the best remedy that you can think of. Naturally you don’t have to overdo it. All you need is a five minute walk from time to time.

No fashion statements

You don’t have to give up your style during pregnancy, but when it comes to the swelling during pregnancy remedies, you have to make sure that you are wearing the most comfortable shoes possible. When you are at home you should only wear slippers. You should do the same at the office as well when nobody sees you.


Pregnancy has its contradictions even when it comes to the swelling remedies of pregnant women. You should know that the more water your drink, the less water you will retain. As a result the swelling will also be reduced. Your goal should be to have 8-10 glasses of water per day.


We all need some support from time to time and when it comes to the swelling during pregnancy remedies, all support should be given to your belly. You can find special support hoses that are meant to help you carry around that huge belly of yours. You can find such products at Victoria’s Secret.

New shoes

During pregnancy your shoe size could change a lot. In order to find pregnant women’s swelling remedies, you should consider that it is best if you buy new shoes as your pregnancy progresses.

For sure you will find numerous swelling during pregnancy remedies to use that will make you feel better.


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